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Gift vegetables popular New Year healthy eating new darling
2013/2/4 13:23:46
Taste on the tongue is the taste of life. Spring Festival approaching, gift vegetables become New Year market upstart, by people of all ages. On January 31, the reporter saw Ange Rui facilities Agricultural Engineering Limited d…
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The gift recovery momentum foot one hundred meters sections of three gift collection points
2013/2/4 13:09:49
On February 1, the Trade and Industry Bureau in Jinan City start the gift recycling industry special rectification action Shungeng Road only meters of road there are three gift collection points, 58 gift collection points have been cle…
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Road gathering three gifts of expertise to improve the energy supply capacity of the cup pot gifts
2013/2/2 15:06:50
Cup pot pursuit of intensive development enterprises should keep up with the consumer demand of the times, so well versed in the gift of the Road, aptly supply cup pot products, not only to understand the context of the market developm…
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Cup pot industry inject vitality for development with the gift market
2013/2/2 13:17:37
Two years especially in the case of market environment is deteriorating and the growing competition within the industry, the traditional cup pot supplies sales have been very difficult to guarantee to bring a substantial return on the …
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Wine prices now loose wine gifts greet before the holiday "last-ditch"
2013/2/2 13:13:23
Prohibition plasticizer storm events, this year's liquor sales cold case is an indisputable fact, the reporter recently visited Jinan major supermarket learned, with only sporadic individual brand promotion two weeks ago, and now high …
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