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New Year election gift, a headache is not? Look here! Look here!
2013/2/4 13:22:13
Spring Festival is approaching, the New Year's gift you ready? Who to buy, what to buy, how to send ... New Year's gift spending, has become an economic accounts.Recently, this joint Sohu the guitar and initiate an investigation, tryi…
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Those things and gifts
2013/2/4 13:19:32
"What is the gift? What is the gift?" The subject of the industry has been discussed for many years, different people have different views and understandings, "sales and marketing" gift edition January 2009 inaugu…
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The gift Thanksgiving Thanksgiving loved ones is my lifelong commitment
2013/2/4 13:14:37
Family, everyone can not be separated from each person are also one of the one, like an assembly casks, the lack of a will can not be installed in water damaged a cask also no much value. We have to do is to repair and reinforcement, a…
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International exchanges gifts should pay attention to what matters
2013/2/2 15:14:16
Gifts to foreign friends, we represent a certain extent is the country's image, so be sure not to humble directly best gift best face apart. In short, our gifts to foreign friends is different from the gift we Chinese people, we especi…
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Concerned about the Chinese New Year gift - how to send a healthy real gift?
2013/2/2 15:13:20
Spring Festival is approaching, you are ready to how the gifts you? Spring Festival is a reunion day, but also a business dealings, filial piety, thanks to the leadership, good opportunity for customer feedback. Chinese New Year gift?…
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